Blacktop Ohio: Your Best Choice for Asphalt Paving Services in Delaware County, Ohio

Imagine a closeup photo of your new or updated Delaware County home or business. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Now pull back the lens a bit to get a full view of your property. If your driveway or parking lot isn’t equally attractive, if it’s full of cracks, weeds, or potholes, then the entire visual is ruined. There’s a reason why people trust Blacktop Ohio for their residential and commercial asphalt paving projects. At Blacktop Ohio, they complete the picture.

Asphalt Paving Services

When planning for a residential or commercial driveway or parking lot, Delaware County property owners have several materials to choose from–gravel, concrete, or pavers just to name a few. Yet asphalt remains a top choice. Asphalt provides a smooth, attractive, and durable surface that stands up well to inclement weather and heavy traffic. It’s also a more economical choice than most other options.

When you choose Blacktop Ohio for your residential or commercial project, you’re hiring a skilled and experienced team that’s been serving all of Ohio since 1985. Whether settling on costs with their estimators, conversing with their office staff, or interacting with their asphalt professionals, you’ll find that each and every member of their team is dedicated to providing top quality work and the finest customer service.

Of course, as tough as asphalt surfaces can be, the effects of weather, temperature and spills from oil, gas and chemicals will cause them to degrade over time. Regular maintenance and repairs, however, can help extend the life of an asphalt drive or parking lot. For this reason, Blacktop Ohio offers several additional services.


Sealcoating is the application of a protective layer of material over the top of your asphalt drive. Typically, a mix of coal by-products and fillers like fine sand or silica, it creates a barrier keeping water from seeping into the asphalt, spilled fuels from softening and weakening it, and the sun’s oxidation from making such surfaces brittle and prone to cracks.

Hiring Blacktop Ohio to sealcoat your Delaware County residential or commercial asphalt driveway, parking lot, or private road is a bit like giving those hard surfaces a much-needed facelift. Not only is the treatment an economical solution to maintaining the life of your property, but it also leaves it with a like new appearance.

Crack Filling

Every wonder why older, poorly maintained drives and parking lots are often homes for weeds and other plant life? Small cracks in your pavement may not seem like a big deal, but left unaddressed, they will only turn into larger ones.

Our cold Ohio winters are partly to blame. Water that eventually seeps into asphalt will later freeze and expand causing cracks to enlarge. From there, debris of various kinds often finds its way in–including the seeds that become weeds. Blacktop Ohio’s crack filling services help to keep small asphalt damages from becoming unruly, unfixable ones.

Striping Services

Blacktop Ohio is well regarded for the experience of its crew, its quality work, top-notch equipment, competitive pricing, and exemplary customer service. But there’s one more thing. Blacktop Ohio is also regarded for its high respect for safety.

Commercial parking lots, especially larger ones, can be unsafe places if there isn’t a defined flow of traffic and well-marked parking spaces. At Blacktop Ohio, their professional asphalt team finishes the picture for you by providing distinct striping services, including specialty pavement stencils such as for handicapped parking.

Blacktop Ohio Completes the Picture

With 40 years of experience serving Ohio communities just like yours, Blacktop Ohio has earned its reputation as the best asphalt paving company in Central, Ohio.

Blacktop Ohio doesn’t build residential homes or commercial or industrial buildings in Delaware County, but they do provide the means to safely and efficiently access them. When you’re ready to complete the picture at your home or business, call Blacktop Ohio for quality asphalt paving services.