Blacktop Ohio-Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor serving Delaware, Ohio.

There’s no room for error or uncertainty when having a commercial property or lot paved in Delaware, Ohio. The safety of shoppers, workers, residents, pedestrians, and anyone else who enters a property is always at risk when asphalt surfaces aren’t being handled properly. Of course, people also make judgments when asphalt surfaces are cracking or disintegrating. That’s why it’s important to pick a company with the skill and commitment to workmanship needed to get the job done. For more than 40 years, the three generations behind Blacktop Ohio have helped the company to earn a reputation for quality, integrity, and incredible customer satisfaction. Discover why Blacktop Ohio is the top choice for commercial asphalt paving services in Delaware, Ohio. Blacktop Ohio Covers All Commercial Paving Needs Many Delaware, Ohio, paving companies are limited in what they can offer to their customers. That means that clients often go through the estimate process before discovering that they need to start over with a new company. Blacktop Ohio’s comprehensive selection of paving services includes:

Parking lots


Industrial parks


Private lanes

Blacktop Ohio can complete so many different types of paving projects with help from state-of the-art equipment. Including power pavers, commercial vibratory rollers along with a highly skilled crew that knows the importance of how and when to compact the asphalt surface and finish it up with hand tamping the edges at a angle that’s needed to create strength and durability that can handle the weight of cars, trucks and other vehicles also the clean-up of a job site after the completion of work. Repairs and Resurfacing

Blacktop Ohio isn’t just the best company for commercial asphalt paving service in Delaware, Ohio, they are also the top choice for repairing existing asphalt surfaces. After assessing an area, the professionals at Blacktop Ohio can make recommendations for repairs based on the nature of the wear and tear. In cases where potholes or dips are creating hazard risks, the team can saw cut old asphalt and remove it down to base rock and install new pavement or grind and mill down old surface to a depth needed to install the new layer of pavement. Additionally, smaller cracks can be repaired quickly before they turn into more expensive repairs.

Proven Integrity Blacktop Ohio has an unparalleled reputation for quality among all Ohio paving companies. Founded in 1985, Blacktop Ohio has been chosen for multiple high-profile projects throughout Central, Ohio, including Delaware, Union, and Franklin Counties. Contact Blacktop Ohio today for all of your asphalt paving needs!