More and more today, home, and commercial business owners are choosing concrete for their parking lots, driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Concrete is a clean, long lasting, resilient material, in addition, stamped concrete options allow home and business owners to emboss patterns, textures and colors onto their concrete that can truly enhance their property’s attractiveness and its overall resale value.

Concrete Maintenance: An Important Investment

Despite its obvious appeal, concrete does have some disadvantages. A porous material, concrete is highly susceptible to damage from rain, ice, and snow, that same harsh rain, ice, and snow we’ve come to expect in Union County and Delaware County, Ohio. Salt and deicers are also not kind to concrete. Left unprotected, moisture seeps into concrete causing it to develop cracks, chips, and pits. This is why when you have concrete, effective maintenance is an absolute must. This is where Blacktop Ohio can help, our concrete wash and seal services will thoroughly power wash your patio, driveway, removing built up dirt, and grime.

Let Blacktop Ohio protect your concrete investment with a proper cleaning and protective concrete surface coating.