Are Cracks in Your Asphalt Making Your Business that "Out of Business or No One Lives Here Look"?

Then it's time to call Blacktop Ohio, small Cracks can quickly turn into large, cracked areas and potholes. Cracks can be a trip hazard and holes are an ankle twist and fall waiting to happen!

Which in return can result in a legal problem. Although asphalt is a very durable surface sadly it has its weaknesses too that's why maintenance is a must, Even the most pristine asphalt will become a target for cracks over time. However, if they are addressed quickly, the overall driveway or parking lot will appear no worse for the wear. If you're starting to see cracks in your Union County or Delaware County, Ohio asphalt parking lot or driveway, call Blacktop Ohio for hot rubber crack filling services.

What Causes Asphalt to Develop Cracks?

Asphalt parking lots or driveways are installed right and properly maintained, can last for 20 or 30 years. But like everything outside, they are vulnerable to their surrounding environment. Rainwater can penetrate a crack smaller than even the eye can see; in the winter months it will freeze and expand thus causing the crack to get larger until it’s a problem area. Heat from the sun can cause asphalt to oxidize and over time become brittle and crack from the top, a dry spell or drought can cause the earth below the asphalt surface to crack and if it's large enough it can crack the asphalt from below. Addressing this immediately will prevent an expensive repair.

Blacktop Ohio's crack filling services can take care of these problems. Our skilled professionals apply a hot melt rubber that both fills and seals cracks while also providing moisture proof barrier so nothing more can get in.

Who We Are and What We Do

Blacktop Ohio is a full-service asphalt paving company serving Union and Delaware County, Ohio, as well as all 88 Ohio counties, for over 40 years. Not only do we put down new or replacement asphalt surfaces, but we also help clients keep them in good repair.

When we're called for crack filling services, our skilled, pavement professionals evaluate the surface and provide a free quote. If we're hired, we'll first clean all grass and debris. Blocks of rubber are melted to a liquid melted then applied to all large cracks in the asphalt surface.

Don't Let Small Problems Snowball into Big Ones It's important to note that hot melted rubber applied to cracks in asphalt pavement is not the right solution for every parking lot deterioration problem. If cracks are allowed to become too large, a larger repair may be necessary. Don't worry! Blacktop Ohio can fix those problems, too! But why let a small problem snowball into a larger one? If you see cracks forming in your Union County or Delaware County, Ohio asphalt parking lot or driveway don't put it off. Call Blacktop Ohio for a free estimate.