Blacktop Ohio specializes in Hot Tar Chip Seal Services in Union County, Ohio and Delaware County, Ohio.

Hot tar chip seal is a great option if you have a large area that needs a driveway, roadway, or parking lot surface. It costs less to install than traditional asphalt paving or concrete with less maintenance and no top coatings required.

Hot Tar Chip Sealing

Prior to 1930, virtually every road and highway in the country was made with tar and chips. Today, many rural roads still employ that method, it can be installed where blacktop and concrete can. It is less expensive than other methods and has minimal maintenance requirements.

When starting a chip seal project we bring in a state-of -the-art computerized distributor truck that applies a heavy coat of RS2 hot tar liquid A.C at a coverage rate of 4 gallons per 10x10 area and cover it with a layer of washed chip rock and lock it into place with a pneumatic rubber tire roller. We repeat this process completing a 2-layer hot tar chip seal job. Not all paving contractors do 2 layers first. Blacktop Ohio knows it is a must to insure a stronger and longer lasting surface.

Enhanced Traction

Rain and ice can make navigating a vehicle difficult especially if your parking lot or driveway is on a hill or slight grade. Chip rock embedded into asphalt tar is a rougher surface which gives traction, unlike concrete or blacktop which have smooth surfaces.


Many homeowners prefer chip seal because it is budget friendly, the appearance of chip seal maintains the look of a gravel driveway but without the expense and hassle of having to re-rock it each year. A chip seal is basically a set it and forget it product. High end homes also choose chip seals because of the curb appeal it can bring when a specialty stone is used in place of the traditional limestone.

Highly Cost-Effective

From parking lots to roadways, long lanes and driveways chip seal paving is an ideal option, a lot of our customers prefer hot tar & chip seal because it is so budget friendly. Depending on the size of the area that you are needing done, chip seal can be as much as half the price as blacktop and in some cases a third of concrete, with no sealcoating requirements for maintenance that would strictly be a cosmetic choice of the homeowners.