Contact Blacktop Ohio for Line Stripping services in Union County, Ohio and Delaware County, Ohio

Whether you’re building a shopping center, apartment complex, hospital or standalone retail store in Union County or Delaware County, Ohio, the project won’t be complete without first creating a parking area to serve it.

But even then, with attractive treed aisles and fresh, clean blacktop perfectly in place, your parking area still needs finishing. Employees, customers, delivery drivers and salespeople will need to know where and how to park on your lot and how to safely move throughout it. Your lot will need to be stripped.

Who We Are

Blacktop Ohio is an experienced, professional asphalt paving company serving Central Ohio. We’ve been creating, repairing, and replacing asphalt roads, commercial parking lots, driveways, and other driving surfaces for over forty years, and we also provide line striping services. It’s the next logical step.

Why Striping is Necessary

If you’ve ever walked through a large parking lot during the holiday season in Union County or Delaware County, Ohio, you know how dangerous they can sometimes be. People in vehicles searching for a place to park or how to exit a lot don’t always follow the rules of the road.

This is where striping is so important. Striping defines traffic flow for parking lots. It demonstrates to drivers where and at what angles they may park their vehicles and, conversely, where they should drive to access or to leave designated parking areas.

Striping can also be used to demarcate pedestrian crosswalks, no parking loading zones, and specially designated parking places for handicapped persons or spaces where EV vehicles can be charged. In simplest terms, a good striping layout that defines traffic flow for parking lots helps ensure a safer experience for everyone.

Beyond Parking Lots: Other Applications for Striping Services

While line striping defines traffic flow for parking lots, it’s not the only application striping is used for. Clear, well-defined striping lines on Union County and Delaware County, Ohio roads and highways help ensure that drivers stay on the right side of the road. Line striping can be used to define where pedestrians may walk, and the paths bicyclists should use to move safely in traffic. And line striping is also used on basketball, tennis, and other outdoor courts to delineate when a ball is in or out of play.

Why You Should Choose Blacktop Ohio for Line Striping Services

Whether you put up a new building or complex or refurbish an old one, the parking lot is one of the first things that people see. At Blacktop Ohio we take pride in the multitude of lots we’ve created and the role we continue to play in helping to grow Union County and Delaware County, Ohio’s commercial base.

And line striping is an important part of that process. With Blacktop Ohio, when we put in a client’s parking lot, they don’t have to shop for a separate company to do the line striping. Our skilled professionals put the same energy and detail-oriented attention into putting down fresh striping or redefining fading striping as we do to creating brand new parking lots.

Stay in the right lane today, by choosing Blacktop Ohio.