Why contact Blacktop Ohio for sealcoating services in Union County, Ohio and Delaware County, Ohio?

There are many asphalt parking lots and driveways in Union County, and Delaware County, Ohio. Those property owners know the importance of maintaining and preserving their pavement surfaces. A crucial component in achieving this objective is seal coating. Businesses and residents in these areas trust Blacktop Ohio as their top choice for seal coating services. Here are reasons why you too should get in touch with them when you require seal coating services:

1. Compliance with the Law

Blacktop Ohio is a registered corporation in Ohio, they carry liability and workers compensation insurance, and are A+ members of the Better Business Bureau. Customers can be confident that they are doing business with a respectable and legitimate company. Please ask to see Blacktop Ohio’s certificates and credentials.

2. Years of Experience

Blacktop Ohio is family owned and operated and has over 4 decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the asphalt paving industry. Mike learned from his father John and has taught his 3 sons about the importance of customer appreciation, dedication and pride in the project and doing the job right.


3. Quality Control

The main objective of asphalt sealcoating is to increase their longevity and aesthetic appeal. Blacktop Ohio makes sure that each undertaking is carried out precisely. The asphalt surface is cleaned and prepped cracks are filled, and potholes are repaired patch-repaired as needed before the commercial coal tar sealer is applied, customers can be sure that they are getting quality products and expert workmanship.

4. Superior Equipment

Blacktop Ohio's passion for providing top-notch sealcoating services is demonstrated by its investment in cutting-edge machinery ensuring accurate and consistent application.

5. Personalized Options

Each sealcoating endeavor is different, influenced by things like usage, condition of the surface being sealed, and weather conditions. Blacktop Ohio is aware of this, and it customizes their services to meet the unique needs of each job.

6. Local Expertise

Clients benefit greatly from Blacktop Ohio's decades old local experience in Union County and Delaware County. They understand that proper seal coating prevents water damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces. Due to this knowledge, they can select the sealant materials and application techniques that will provide the surface with long lasting protection.

7. Timeliness and effectiveness

Blacktop Ohio is renowned for its prompt project completion and effectiveness, they understand how important it is to limit interruptions to clients’ regular operations, their high-quality equipment significantly speeds up project completion.