Providing Asphalt Milling Services in Ohio

Since the 1970s, our company has provided asphalt milling services in Delaware County, Ohio, and the company can remove many types of pavements, customize parking lots, and improve sizable bridges. The business will also provide excellent customer service, free estimates, and competitive prices.

Milling the Asphalt

The company can use innovative equipment that will safely remove asphalt from the surface, and the equipment may streamline the project, decrease the costs of the project, and enhance the efficiency of the company. The business could quickly remove cracked pavement, uneven pavement, and damaged asphalt.

Usually, the business will use machines that contain a rotating drum, a conveyor belt and an automatic system. The machines will gradually grind the old asphalt, and subsequently, the conveyor belt will transport the asphalt. Sometimes, a company could also recycle the asphalt, and recycled asphalt can reduce the cost of the project, benefit the local environment, and improve the durability of new pavement.

Improving the Design of a Parking Lot

When a client would like to improve a parking lot, the business can increase the size of the parking lot, add new pavement, and reduce the slope of the pavement. The company could also remove part of the surface for roads, and after the business recycles the asphalt, the business is able to install wide roads.

Removing Pavement From a Bridge

Many bridges contain potholes that could damage automobiles, reduce safety, and affect the appearance of the roads. After the company inspects a bridge, the experts can remove the old pavement, and the specialists will add pavement that features new asphalt, resilient sealant, and a durable surface.

Paving Parking Lots and Bridges

The business can add new pavement that will improve the appearance of a parking lot, increase the resiliency of the asphalt, and reduce the sizes of potholes. After a company paves a parking lot, the experts can apply durable sealant, and this substance can withstand rain, snow, rock salt and ultraviolet light. The sealant could also protect the underlying materials, reduce cracks, and enhance the value of a property.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service and Competitive Prices

Once you contact the company, a knowledgeable representative could describe the benefits of asphalt milling services, and the expert will answer your questions, examine the duration of the project, and provide an estimate. When you browse the company’s website, you could also review pictures that show parking lots, bridges, and driveways. Additionally, you can view excellent testimonials, a list of services and a description of the company.